Boiler Servicing in Worksop

It’s a fact that if you service your boiler regularly, you will benefit in more ways than one. Our boiler servicing in Worksop and the surrounding area will ensure your boiler stays working for longer preventing the need for costly repairs or a new installation.

Your boiler’s MOT

Boiler breakdowns are an expensive business so maintaining your boiler will save you money in the long run. The best time to have your boiler serviced is in the warmer months when you do not need it to be switched on for the heating. Remember that Worksop boiler service engineers are always busier in the winter months dealing with boiler breakdowns. Some people like to compare boiler servicing in Worksop with getting their car MOTd. Not only do you save money by properly maintaining your boiler, but also you can help to minimise the risk of the problems associated with carbon monoxide and wastage of gas.

Annual Boiler Servicing in Worksop includes:

We will check your gas boiler, controls and components.
Vital parts (Heat exchanger and ignition).
Boiler seal is tested.
Visual inspection to check for corrosion and leaks.
Flue analyser test to check combustion and burner pressure. Specialist test equipment is used to enable the engineer to measure the concentrations of the pollutants present in the boiler and to adjust your burners for optimal combustion. This means that the correct amount of gas will go through your system and help to identify dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

The dangers of carbon monoxide

Carbon Monoxide comes from gas appliances that have been incorrectly installed or have not been serviced properly. Carbon monoxide poisoning is under diagnosed and under recognised. If gas burns properly, it gives off carbon dioxide which is not poisonous. If it doesn’t burn properly, it gives off carbon monoxide which is poisonous. Figures vary, but some claim that carbon monoxide kills up to 50 people each year.

More information can be found here.

danger carbon monoxide
image is a worcester combi boiler we carried out boiler servicing in worksop on

3 things to check regularly:

It may help you if you do some simple things to keep an eye on your boiler.


Check the water levels in the boiler. That way, if the water level falls below the level that is adequate for the normal functioning of the boiler, you can top it up before it becomes a problem.


Check the temperature and pressure that the boiler operates. If it drops or undergoes any other kind of drastic change, then call us and we will send out our boiler engineer to resolve the problem.


Look in the manufacturer’s handbook as this will list the checks that you should do regularly. It is always useful to keep the handbook somewhere safe as this will help if we come out to work on your boiler.

Landlord Safety Certificates

It is a Landlord, you have a duty to provide your tenant with a Landlord Safety Certificate (otherwise known as CP12). Call us to arrange for a Gas Safe Engineer to provide a Landlord Safety Certificate.

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